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What is Catcoin?

Catcoin is a digital asset that uses cryptography to secure transactions. It is developed on Binance. Catcoin is the first decentralized web3 project to bring a share-to-earn concept among crypto users where users will earn catcoin tokens for sharing news. Catcoin is launched with the aim of fighting centralized news media that control everything and spread biased news without revealing the complete truth about any news.


Catcoin's primary mission is to create a community of cat lovers and supporters interested in cats. Catcoin motive is to bring new users to the crypto industry.
Catcoin uses BinanceSmart Chain (BNB CHAIN) that uses BNB Chain as its main chain, which is faster, cheaper than Ethereum, and has a more extraordinary ability for scalability. In these times, many people are still unaware of the qualities that Defi can bring to our dayto-day lives, such as low-cost transactions, decentralization, and unregulated environments. These characteristics make your assets more secure than any bank can guarantee you today.
However, several obstacles impede the path to mass adoption; moreover, some solutions (such as Metamask) have been put forward to help with this problem